​Heston's MasterClass: Egg Cookery Class using Kossies Free Range Eggs

On the 2017 season of MasterChef, Heston prepares a triple treat and teaches you how to make eggs three ways, with Kossies eggs!

Air Date: Thu 22 Jun 2017
Watch how to perfectly poach an egg with Kossies eggs

​Farmer's Network

Kossies buys certified free range eggs from local farmers to package as Kossies. All farmer's must use a certain grade feed with no hormones or preservatives or dyes so every egg is as natural as the day the hen laid it.

KOSSIES Free Range Eggs! The freshest free range eggs in Geelong.

At Kossies Free Range Eggs, we pride ourselves on freshness and quality. We provide fresh, quality free range eggs. Our chickens roam free and we supply free range eggs to Melbourne and the Geelong region.


On 2 March 2016, CHOICE hosted a free range BBQ at Parliament House in Canberra. Julie was there representing Kossies Free Range Eggs, telling Senators and MPs that consumers want clear and meaningful free range egg labels #‎giveacluck. Read Julie's speech in response to this campaign.


Jodie Whittaker: Feathers should fly over free-range egg code farce

April 5, 2016, Jodie Whittaker, Geelong Advertiser

IMAGINE investing in an expensive luxury vehicle, knowing it is exhaust- free, sustainably constructed and produced by artisans, yet beneath its impressive paint job, you’ve bought a cheap, exhaust-spewing, generic, inferior model, assembled by slave labour in a polluting factory. ​Read the full article.

Geelong egg producer Julie Kos at her genuinely free-range farm.

GIVE A CLUCK about free range eggs

There are over 2 million eggs sold in Australia each year that are labeled free range when they are not! Federal, state and territory consumer ministers are in the process of developing a national standard, setting clear rules for which eggs can claim to be free range and which can't.

True free range means 1,500 hens per hectare. Kossies Free Range Eggs are true free range, support us today ‪#‎giveacluck
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Read more about the campaign from CHOICE.

​'Free range' term serves up scrambled egg definition

"The best practice for chicken health and the production of top quality eggs involves providing access to pasture, so all the chooks are outside all day, able to forage and behave naturally. If pasture condition is poor, so will the eggs and the hens be," Julie Kos said.

Geelong Advertiser, 16 June 2015

An egg in the hand

Julie and Paul Kos were at a crossroads in life when they decided to become egg farmers. Now, with seven full-time employees, they are the largest supplier of free-range eggs in the Geelong region.
The Weekly Review, Greater Geelong, 10 October 2014


"We currently have 9,000 Hy-Line Brown chooks but we're going through a massive expansion and through our networks we're putting on about 150,000 birds within a 12-month period. We've now gone into our own rearing facility down in Cororooke growing out our own day old pullets. We are trying to be totally integrated in the business and can grow about 460,000 chooks a year."

Geelong & Surf Coast Living Magazine, Autumn 2014

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​CluckAR – The Free Range Egg Detector App

When you next buy eggs from the supermarket, have this handy smart phone app ready so you can determine if the eggs you are buying are true free range or not.

Here's the download link.

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